Instructions for Requesting A&E Consultant Indirect Cost Rate (ICR) Financial Document Reviews (FDR) 

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Consultants, including primes and subconsultants, on a proposed Local Public Agency (LPA) contract that at any time uses state or federal-aid highway funds with a dollar value equal to or greater than $1 Million are subject to a FDR of their ICR by the Independent Office of Audits and Investigations (IOAI).  IOAI will review the ICR financial documents to either accept or adjust the ICR prior to contract execution using a risk-based approach.  

LPAs are responsible for obtaining all required ICR supporting documentation from A&E prime consultants and sub-consultants as outlined in the Financial Document Review Request Form. The following additional forms are being made available: 

Instructions are provided in the FDR Request Form on the requirements for submitting a complete Financial Review packet. Financial packets can be e-mailed to:

Alternatively, you can mail the financial packets to: 

Department of Transportation Independent Office of Audits and Investigations, MS 2
Attention: Financial Document Review Manager
P.O. Box 942874 Sacramento, CA 94274-0001 

Caltrans Local Assistance Procedure Manual, Chapter 10, Section 10.1.3 A&E Consultant Audit and Review Process outlines the complete review process. All questions related to the ICR FDRs should be submitted by email to: